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WSR 538 - NEW - 26", 27,5", 29"


New dimension for riders who want to ride in any terrain and conditions.

FAT BIKE wheels represent a new off-road predator, strong wheels with new tire models for fat bike manage to overcome the most difficult montain trails and terrains.

Technical specification

WSR 538 - NEW - 26", 27,5", 29"
Treatmentblack BA anodized, white painted WCx
Spokesstainless steel 2 mm - black
HubAL for stainless spokes, 6 points flange for brake disc, sealed bearings: F/R - 2/4 pcs, AL cassette body is equipped with two steel reinforcements. Standard delivery with Quick release, surcharge for solid axle F - 15/100 mm and R - 12/142 mm.
NipplesAl BA or brass
Weight26" - 2300 g, 27,5": 2400 g, 29": 2500 g
Size559x38, 584x38, 622x38
Weight limit110 kg

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