Registrace CZEN

TOP disc - 26", 27,5", 29"


Modern and reliable wheels with high efficiency and rigidity.

Wheels attract by interesting design and high reliability. Wheels are designed only for disc brakes. Hubs have larger diameter flange.

Technical specification

TOP disc - 26", 27,5", 29"
Treatmentblack anodized BA + SEE, white painted WCx + SEE
Spokesstainless steel 2 mm - black
HubAl light black BA, red RA, silver SA anodized, white painted WCx, flange with 6 points for disc brake, diameter of hub body 68 mm, industrial bearings: front hub – 2 Pcs, rear hub – 4 Pcs, Al cassette body
Wheel32 / 32
Weightod 1919 g
Size559 x 19, 622x19
Weight limitdo 110 kg

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