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STING - 26", 27,5", 29"


Wheels ideal for marathons and mountain biking.

Wheelsets consist spokes with bent heads that are settled on the flange of the hub. Wheelsets with 28 reduced spokes are suitable for marathons and sports rides. Wheelstes with 32 spokes are recommended for higher-class biking. This spokes are not reduced and their diameter is 2 mm.

Technical specification

STING - 26", 27,5", 29"
Treatmentblack anodized BA, white painted WCx
Spokesstainless steel reduced - black
HubAl light black BA, red RA, silver SA anodized, white painted WCx, flange with 6 points for disc brake, diameter of hub body 68 mm, industrial bearings: front hub – 2 Pcs, rear hub – 4 Pcs, Al cassette body
Wheel32 / 32
Weight26" - 1830 g, 27,5" - 1935 g, 29" - 2020 g
Size559x19, 584x19, 622x19
Weight limit

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