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RX 2030 - 27,5", 29"


Action rim is especially intended for the MTB rim ENDURO category with an inner width 30 mm. Rim constrution allows fitting of tubeless tyres as well as standard MTB tyres. Rim is intended for all widths tyres „PLUS“ up to 3,0. The rim can be used in the downhill or in other adrenaline disciplines, as well as in the most demanding terrain. The rolling resistance with the optimal tyre is very low and ensures good adhesion of the tread pattern in the field. The new rim welding technology provides extra strength and durability. Due to his properties belongs to the strongest rims in its category. First of all, it will attract top athletes to provide the optimal features for their elegant ride.

ERD 584: 559,9 mm
ERD 622: 598,3 mm

Technical specification

RX 2030 - 27,5", 29"
Dimension 584x30, 622x30
Treatment BA - black anodized
Number of holes28, 32
Eyeleting Yes
Weight584: 528 g, 622: 560 g

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