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RX 2027 - ENDURO - NEW 27,5", 29"


Rim for ENDURO and other technical disciplines

The main advantage of model RX 2027 is especially inner diameter of the rim – 27mm – which find compromise between indispensable stability and low rolling resistence.


Weight of the rim RX2027 with the height of profile 21mm start just on 474 grams (depends on the treatment). Due to these combinations with extraordinarily strong alloy begins very strong and rigid rim also with 28 holes. However here doesn´t end all advantages of rim RX 2027 because our designers think on possible difficulties by riding as can be for example defect of tubeless tyre. Due to this possible difficullties have been add plinths on the rim´s inner sides - by pressure 1,8 – 2 Atm is tube locked to the rim and will stay with the defect settled in the plinths of the rim, so It is possible to continue in ride with puncture tyre. It i salso possible to use rim RX 2027 with standard tyres with tube.

Rim RX 2027 brings all riders to dazzling results! 

ERD 584: 557,3 mm
ERD 622: 595,7 mm

Technical specification

RX 2027 - ENDURO - NEW 27,5", 29"
Dimension 584x27, 622x27
Treatment BA
Number of holes28, 32
Eyeleting Yes
Weight584: 474 g, 622: 502 g

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