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XCO RIO - 26", 27,5", 29"


These wheelsets are recommended especially for cross-country races and for fans of fast and lightweight bicycles.

The wheels are equipped with low weight rims, and therefore easily rotates. That improves driving dynamics. The holes in the rims for spokes are with eyelets. Wheelsets are made from reduced spokes which significantly reduces the weight of the wheelsets. For each size range we recommend a different number of spokes according to the wheel diameter, larger wheel diameter is need to be more dimensioned. Wheelsets can be delivered to the classic MTB tires and tubeless system with a valve and a rim lining.

 It is available in sizes:    26" for 28 reduced spokes

                                    27.5" for 28 reduced spokes
                                    29" for 32 reduced spokes
Each range of dimension has a special construction.

Diameter: 559x17
Front 28 spokes, weight: 682 g
Rear 28 spokes, weight: 810 g
Weight of pair: 1492 g

Technical specification

XCO RIO - 26", 27,5", 29"
Treatmentblack anodized BA, white painted WCx
SpokesReduced black
HubAl light black BA, red RA, silver SA anodized, white painted WCx, flange with 6 points for disc brake, diameter of hub body 68 mm, industrial bearings: front hub – 2 Pcs, rear hub – 4 Pcs, Al cassette body
Wheel28/28, 32/32
Weight26"- 1590 g, 27,5" - 1690 g, 29" - 1764 g
Size559x17, 584x17, 622x17
Weight limitdo 95 kg

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